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youth leadershp coaching teen gap year

5 Stone Leadership Program

Preparing you for life and leadership

Our Program

is a transformative 12-month experience that includes five courses or Stones on the path to a meaningful and fulfilling life.
youth teen leadership coaching


Unlock the secrets to successful behavior through proven strategies and increased self-awareness.

youth teen leadership coaching program gap year


Gain control of your time by learning key strategies to make you more peaceful and productive.

youth leadership coaching teen gap year


Learn these critical secrets to improve your relationships with friends, family, and colleagues.

youth leadership coaching gap year teen


Know the power and confidence that comes from knowing your purpose. 

This guided strategy helps you implement your purpose into the world to make a huge positive impact.

Not sure about the courses? Try a sample of the online courses. 

youth leadership coaching gap year teen


Neither economics nor academic success  stops you from making a positive impact. What stops you - and anyone - from achieving their potential is not understanding your strengths, your core values, your "why".

The 5 Stone Leadership Program helps you understand who you are and gives you effective tools to make a positive change in the world.

youth teen coaching leadership program gap year


Who are you, really?

This course dives into your natural personality, its strengths and weaknesses, and how you can use your natural gifts to your advantage. Since wise choices rely upon accurate self-awareness, this course allows you to understand how your personality can help or hinder your goals.

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Stone 1


5 Tips to Increase Freedom and Decrease Anxiety


Learn effective strategies to organize what is most important. This course explores strategies unique to your personality, since not everyone thinks about organization and time in the same way. The course also begins to grapple with how to manage relationships.

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youth leadership coaching gap year teen
Stone 2
youth leadership coaching teen gap year


5 Tips to Improve Any Relationship


Relationships, whether with family or friends, can be difficult. Knowing the effective strategies for healthy relationships can make any environment richer, whether school, work, or home.

Stone 3


Discover Your Purpose


Gain clarity in decision-making and where you put your time and energy by discovering your purpose. This course will help you with education, career, and life choices.

youth leadership coaching gap year teen
Stone 4
youth leadership coaching gap year teen


Change the World


This course provides key tips, insights, and coaching to implement your purpose in order to change the world for the better. This course relies upon you taking action on the ideas, implementing your purpose, using the skills and concepts learned in the first four Stones.

Stone 5
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