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Dynamic, practical training and professional development.

No one likes boring presentations - especially teachers.

That's why every training is interactive and practical and includes additional resources to include in lessons.

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Culture Shock Adjustment

Culture Shock can be disruptive and costly, affecting students, teachers, and families alike. Learning the signs of culture shock and strategies to overcome it can help every part of your school community become successful sooner

Introduction to Inter-Cultural Intelligence

Increasingly, schools are required to implement practical strategies to address international mindedness and global citizenship. Introduction to ICI moves beyond visual cultural differences, addresses core underlying beliefs, and recognizes that each person has an individual culture.

Effective, Culturally-Sensitive Communication

Teachers have been fired, schools have lost important students, and principals sent back to their home country--all because of cultural mistakes that could have been avoided. Just a few practical tools can help alleviate cultural tensions and increase motivation in the classroom.

Student Mentoring Program Training

Sometimes peers can be more effective in giving guidance to other students--but they may need additional tools to be helpful. This interactive training provides cultural insights, practical mentoring tools to inspire deeper conversations, and conflict resolution strategies.

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