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youth leadership coaching gap year teen
youth leadership coaching gap year teen


Each course costs $350/mo. or $995 if paid in full. Talk to us about group pricing.

How much does the program cost?

Both. You can sign up as an individual or contact us about how we can work together, if you are a school.

Is the program for schools or individuals?

So far, the program is only available in English.

Is the program available in different languages?

After watching the e-learning, you can join your small group (no more than 5) for discussion. The online courses use innovative strategies for discussion. It's a small group, so you are actively involved.

The coach's role is to ask relevant questions that refine your thoughts about yourself, relationships, and your future.

What's it like in the online program?

The program content is relevant for anyone 14 or older. How people process the information depends on where they are in life.


As such, we will always try and group participants in approximately the same age group.

How old should someone be to go through the program?

All of the slides have both audio voice-over and closed captioning. While there are handouts and other visuals that do not have alt-text, all of the key information is accessible.

Is the program ADA compliant?

These courses are not required and there is immediate practical application for the ideas.

You are not graded, so you get out of the program what you put in.

You get coaching not teaching.

What you learn in our courses can give greater meaning and purpose to what you do in school.

What makes this different from just another school class?

Absolutely! That is our goal. Currently we plan to have courses starting in person in August 2021, as long as all participants have been vaccinated.

The courses would be in the Decatur, Georgia area.

As Covid-19 lifts, will you have courses in person?

We are flattered that you would consider joining us as a coach!

We train all our coaches in the program. They have to go through the same process as the students, as well as learn key coaching skills.

Contact us with your interest.

[email protected]


How do I become a coach?

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